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Non-Payment Proceedings

While the non-payment of rent severely injures a landlord's finances and operations of a building, New York frowns at landlords electing self-help remedies in such circumstances, regardless of the length of time of the non-payment and regardless of the total amount of arrears (the total amount of unpaid rent).  Rather, a proceeding for the non-payment of rent is commenced by a landlord to collect unpaid rent from commercial and residential tenants.  In a non-payment proceeding, the goal is to either obtain payment from the tenant or effectuate an eviction to return possession of the premises to the landlord.  


Similar to holdover proceedings, non-payment proceedings are initiated by the service upon the tenant of a rent demand notice.  Likewise, improperly prepared rent demand notices may and likely cause the landlord to lose precious time in the process of the non-payment proceeding and possibly require the landlord to restart the process before a Court Order is issued.  Rent demands must be prepared pursuant to the statute and the effective lease if any.  Layliev Law will review your case and prepare the rent demand to be served by our licensed process server.


The attorneys of Layliev Law have the experience and knowledge to deal with your non-payment dispute.  In the event your case cannot be settled and will require a trial, the attorneys of Layliev Law have a breadth of experience in the Housing Courts of New York to proceed and vigorously represent your rights and thoroughly prepare the client or trial.

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