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Signing Contract


Leasing is a cornerstone of real property ownership as well as operating a business.  Most landlord-tenant relationships are governed by written leases.  Leases of potential investment properties will gauge the return on investment, and by extension, the market value of the property.  Properly structured leases may streamline the property owner's cash flow and expenses for many years forward and effectively protect a landlord's interest in a property in the face of problematic tenants.  Improperly reviewed and negotiated leases may impose undue operational hardships on businesses and offices leasing space. 


The law firm of Layliev Law negotiates, drafts, and reviews commercial leases for properties of all sizes.  Disputes often arise as to the interpretation of lease clauses and whether or not a tenant has violated a substantial obligation of the tenancy.   Landlords and tenants alike benefit from the proper review, counseling, and negotiation of a lease.  Both residential and commercial tenants should be fully apprised of each term of a lease and its long-term consequences as to the tenancy.


We use our extensive experience to counsel our clients about their lease agreements and structure lease terms to achieve their business goals as efficiently as possible.  When representing tenants, we negotiate the terms to preserve the tenant's rights and minimize exposure to unnecessary costs and risks. We work to structure leases so that clients have the flexibility they need during the term of a lease. We ensure that our client's rights and interests in a lease are protected, now and in the future.

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