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We represent hard money lenders, private lenders, and institutional lenders in drafting loan documents and generally representing the lender to ensure that their funds are secured by the borrower’s real property and other collateral. We often draft mortgage spreader, modification, and cross-collateralization agreements to assist lenders in working out troubled loans.


Our mortgage attorneys act as settlement agents and represent banks' private lenders, hard money lenders, and other lenders with respect to any mortgage closing. Whether the lender is a large bank or a private lender and whether this is a first loan, refinance, or line of credit, our lawyers provide a thorough yet timely review of the loan documents and can be ready to close in as little as 24 hours. 


The following services are included in the price:

  • Review of the title commitment & survey

  • Correspondence with the title company, the buyer’s attorney and the seller’s attorney regarding title problems

  • Review and/or preparation of the loan documents (for private lenders that do not have standard loan documents)

  • Preparation of the HUD 1 settlement statement

  • Attendance, representation, and acting as the settlement agent at closing

  • Our attorneys also represent lenders with respect to the “payoff” of the loan. If your borrower is ready to pay off the loan, we can represent your interests at the closing. Our services include the following:

    • Preparation of the “payoff letter”

    • Preparation of the mortgage satisfaction (or UCC 3 for coops)

    • Correspondence with the borrower’s attorney, seller’s attorney (if applicable), and the title company (if applicable)

    • Attendance at closing, where we pick up CERTIFIED funds and transfer them to you.

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