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Ngai C., August 24, 2019

Elon was patient while listening to our case. And tried to make us understand how the case would play out in evicting a tenant who was not leaving after the end of the lease. He guided us on what are our best options given that the NY laws do favor the tenant in many ways and what is the best option for us without having to spend too much money.
I feel Elon did a good job in counseling me to make the decision to get the crook tenant out as first priority without prolonging the case, which otherwise would have cost a lot more money and time.
Having gone through the experience, it seems NYC has HORRIBLE laws by which a crafty/professional tenant can live at your place for months or even years without paying anything by manipulating the legal (or should I say "illegal") system.
So with this, you need to have someone who will understand your situation, and then tell you the best option and way forward.
He will tell you how it is and not sugar coat anything. And that is what you need to make the right decision for yourself!

Daniel S., May 27, 2019

Very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. He handled my closing smoothly. His staff is just Great. Elan the owner deals with you personally and always answered or returned all my phone calls in a speedy manner. He really helped me out and deserves more than five stars!!! 5+++++

Christal C., February 7, 2019

Highly recommend.  Elan was referred to me through a friend. He helped me with selling my condo and purchasing my first house. He answered ALL my questions and made everything run as smooth as possible. Stress free during closing! He worked well with my agent and in a timely manner to help me secure my house.

Said S., January 11, 2019

Great Lawyer.  Elan was great with the entire closing process of the selling of our home. It was a delight to work with him and his team. At the actual closing, he took his time and walked us through the entire process, page by page, explaining everything through the discussion. He never made us feel like we are inconsequential. I would recommend Elan to everyone! Thank you again.

Anonymous, January 8, 2019

Very helpful.  Excellent and professional I was a few dollars short at closing and he helped me out nothing but good things to say about Elan thanks.


Anonymous., January 8, 2019

Excellent housing lawyer.  He was able to help remove a troublesome ex-roommate from our house that was subletting from me. The room mate refused to leave after a number of issues, such as drug use and non payment of rent. We had to go to court and we were able to get a deal to our benefit.

Anna W., December 17, 2018

best lawyer for the little guy.  Elan helped me get enough to help me and my family relocate. I could not have done it without him. I'm super glad I went to him first. He was very friendly and took the time to listen to what I needed, and he put my family's need first. Thank you.

Eliz P., December 17, 2018

Great Lawyer with an amazing understanding and heart.  Elan was an angel sent .... I was going thru hell after loosing my fiancé from Cancer and when I explained to him my situation with some evil people and how they were harassing me to get out of the apartment. Elan not only gave me a peace with his expertise and knowledge but he understood my situation. He represented me and all I can say I am so thankful I went to him! I was very pleased with the result and I highly recommend him. In addition he is very accessible through phone and/or emails. Thank you Elan for all your help and understanding.

Michael K., December 15, 2018

TOP NOTCH. Elan is very personal and provided us with great service with the sale of our apartment in Forest Hills. If we ever need a lawyer, we know we have a TOP NOTCH attorney!

Gennadi A., September 4, 2016

one of the best advice and service we received on purchasing "COOP" apartment.  Thank you Elan for your effort and professionalism.

Adrian C., August 1, 2016 

Elan won a case for us! He was wonderful and put his heart into everything he did.. Very passionate and truly great person! Highly recommended!

Gary G., June 18, 2016

I used elan for a evicting a very hostile tenant. He's very knowledgeable in landlord/tenant law. He was able to eventually evict the tenant. He explained the process clearly and was very patient in answering all my questions

Larry S., March 8, 2016 

I used this office twice and both times received superior service along with great deal of expertise.

Raymond T., January 20, 2015 

Definitely attorney you want on your side. Honest, professional and very knowledgeable.

Mirsad C., January 20, 2015

Thoughtful, informed, can-do type of person. I recommended Elan without hesitation.

Lev Y., November 23, 2015

An amazing and dedicated person!.  Elan is an attorney I will recommend to anyone!!! He is knowledgeable, dedicated and gets the work done!
He was always available and answered each question and addressed each concern thoroughly.
Our case had many issues that came up along the way and with his creativeness, experience and effort we were able to solve all the issues and finally proceed to closing!
Everyone who asks me if I know a good real estate attorney, Elan is the first one that comes into mind. Like I said before, I recommend him to anyone!

Inna B., November 17, 2015

Like Family.  I am an attorney and my relatives hired Elan to put together a trust for the family. He spent hours speaking with the family, in person and on the phone, on his own time (no charge), to make sure that he understood their needs. In addition to knowing the law well in his field, he treated my family members as though they were his own in trying to find the best legal solution for their benefit. I recommend Elan wholeheartedly.

Anonymous, November 16, 2015

Excellent lawyer and a great person.  Elan helped us with our case as no-one else could! He is a great lawyer and he truly cares about his clients. He is emotional and puts his heart into the case. That is a great trait and really helped us out as if he was family! We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone! A++++

Anonymous, November 16, 2015

Such a Smooth Process.  Elan Layliev was very concise, knowledgeable, detail oriented and extremely helpful in helping my family purchase our first house. Elan was so helpful (and patient with us) throughout the entire process negotiating the terms of the lease, answering all questions we had about obtaining a mortgage, and making sure title cleared smoothly for our closing.
The office was wonderful dealing with me and my husband. I unequivocally recommend this law firm for all issues related to real estate.

Victoria, November 13, 2015

Elan Layliev was referred to me by a close family friend, and I could not be more grateful for the introduction. I inherited real estate and was completely unfamiliar with the responsibilities I would have as a landlord. My tenants were problematic and fearless. Mr. Layliev was patient and thorough with me, explaining all requirements of registering properties, how to enforce a tenants rent obligations etc. His office was so efficient in getting me paid the rents I was owed and evicting numerous tenants for various lease violations. I inherited a building whose tenants were running a muck, and today, thanks to Mr. Layliev and his staff, my building is in much better affairs.

Jon H., November 11, 2015

Elan is a very professional attorney, who has proven to be an expert in his field, and knows the right times to be aggressive. I have used him on numerous transactions in real estate and business and he has saved me a lot of money. He is very reputable and highly recommended!

Jonathan M., December 21, 2014 

Elan is one of the most honest, hard working, and diligent people you will ever meet. He will give you straight answers and always work with your best interests at heart. I could not recommend a better lawyer to my friends and family.


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