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Holdover Proceedings

A holdover case is commenced by a landlord to evict a commercial or residential tenant for reasons other than the tenant's failure to pay rent.  Due to the very nature of a  holdover case, it is difficult and highly technical because a landlord is seeking an Order from the Court to evict a tenant and dissolve a tenant's rights to a certain property or space.  There are numerous grounds for a holdover case including non-primary residence, illegal subletting, expiration of the lease, nuisance, illegal activities, breaches of lease terms, violations of rent laws, etc. 

In order to commence a holdover proceeding, the landlord is typically required to serve predicate notices pursuant to statutes and case law.  Improperly prepared notices may and likely will cause the landlord to lose precious time in the eviction process and possibly require the landlord to restart the process before a Court Order is issued.  Layliev Law will review your case and prepare any predicate notices to be served by our licensed process server.

The attorneys of Layliev Law have the experience and knowledge to deal with your holdover landlord-tenant dispute.  In the event your case cannot be settled and will require a trial, the attorneys of Layliev Law have a breadth of experience in the Housing Courts of New York to proceed and vigorously represent your rights and thoroughly prepare the client or trial.

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