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Layliev Law, P.C. represents clients in landlord-tenant disputes every day, throughout the boroughs of New York City and its surrounding counties. The firm's clients range from management companies to small property owners.


The process of commencing an eviction case in New York, whether for the nonpayment of rent or a holdover, is neither straight forward nor easy. These proceedings are very technical and require a thorough comprehension of New York's ever-changing and complex real property law.  Improperly commencing such proceedings can result in undue delay, or worse, dismissal after much spent time and money.  The attorneys at Layliev Law, P.C., pride themselves with their years of experience and are prepared to guide you in your landlord-tenant dispute every step of the way and at very reasonable and competitive fees.


Holdover Proceedings

Non - Payment Proceedings

For more information about Landlord and Tenant disputes please contact us.

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